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The Origin Story..

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Once apon a time.. 

When playing outdoors in the dirt and climbing trees to see how high you could go were the things we did for fun. There was a boy who Loved getting messy to irritate his mum and brining all his dads tools out to play in the mud.

One day whilst building a wooden Fort that I cut down branches in the backyard using my dads tools for. It came to me.. People use their own tools like this one to cut wood all day and make a money doing it.

It was a revaluation

Because of that curious boy the passion to create and the drive to push forward and endure has landed me in a position I am today. To build and Create for people who share my vision and level of passion


Until finally, Here you are! Reading about me being Cheeky and passionate about what I call a job now. The story and the passion grow old together.


- Luke  

"100% and still more to give.

Lead from the front. Let your actions speak louder then words"

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