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The Origin Story..

Once upon a time.. 

Playing outdoors in the dirt and climbing trees were the things we did for fun. There was a boy who loved getting messy, irritating his mum and bringing all his dads tools out to play in the mud.

One day whilst building a wooden fort, using his dads tools to cut the branches from a beloved family tree it came to him. People use their own tools like this to cut wood all day and they can actually make a living doing it.

It was a revelation!

So that curious boy and his passion to create, lighted a fire and dream which drove him to work hard and push forward towards his destiny. To build and create for people and bring to light their vision of their forever home.


Today I'm proud to call what was a childhood pastime my job. The story and the passion grow old together.


- Luke  

The Latitude Way

Our workforce allows us specialise in a comprehensive range of services including building, extensions, renovations and outdoor living areas.

Our craftsmanship and experience ensure your project will be designed to suit your home and provide a quality, tailored finish to your living space.

We pride ourselves in transparent and seamless communication to ensure you are informed every step of the way. Our goal is to build long standing relationships with our customers.

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